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segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2008

What the hell is love?

Some says love is everything. That it is the most complete feeling in the world. Some says love is hard to describe. Perhaps it is true. It could make you feel the greatest and the worst person at the same time. It could make you feel in heaven and in hell, depends on how you have been treated, depends on how you see the importance of that feeling, depends on how you deal with it.

Some says love brings sense to life, that brings brightness to our days and reasons to be alive. Some says love brings all the answers to our questions, brings courage to do whatever we believe and energy to go for it.

On the other hand, some says it could also be dangerous. As long as it became stronger and as time passes by you see you lose control, it could scare people, it could make them feel confuse, make them lose the opportunity life gave to them.

Love could inspire, but also brings you fear as well.
Love is complete, is essential, but love is not enough.

It is not only about being blessed to know it and luck to be sure you´ve found the one. Love is much more than that. It envolves being strong enough to recognize it, being strong to listen to whatever your heart has to says to you and also being wise to do something about it.

Making the right choices is only possible when you put all the fear behind. When you understand that it doesn´t happen daily and recognize that is not easy finding someone who makes your heart beat faster.

So, please, when it happens, listen the words that is inside you. It is only by understanding that only the feelings make sense, you could live happily ever after with the love of your life

Isn´t that what love is all about??

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