Procuro respostas inacabadas a questionamentos internos que se amontoam em meio a um turbilhão infinito de emoções constantes, cortantes e apaixonantes.

domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2008


How could I let it happen?
How could I let myself get into this?
You said the right things,
You did the right things,
But what´s right right now?

You were there just besides me
And let me with your taste
And let me with your smell
And let me with so many questions unanswered.

That insn´t an easy game
And I don´t want you to fake
Taking risks is part of life, is part of growing, is part of loving,

That will always be two paths
two choices to be taken
but only a voice to be listened
a voice that is inside you
Yeah, it is really inside you

What´s gonna happen?
I don´t even have a clue
But, in the end, it doesn´t matter
Worst than not knowing is living asking myself ‘what if’.

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