Procuro respostas inacabadas a questionamentos internos que se amontoam em meio a um turbilhão infinito de emoções constantes, cortantes e apaixonantes.

sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012


When I was living in a shell
lonely and broke inside
you came into my life
and saw me as no one before

When all my faith was lost
and I was facing how much does it cost
you came into my life
and made me believe
that was something more
besides that long and painfull war

You made me believe I could try
Not live a lie
I could fly
and reach the sky
I could ask myself why
I was falling in love with that guy

Unbelievable but true
Undescribable and pure
When you touched my soul
you made me feel so real
you read every little part of me
(I didn't imagine we were meant to be)
you tried to explain
what was really going on
by showing me you were everything
I've spent my whole life looking for

No, no more lies (not at all)
No more cries (not at all)
No more tears in my eyes
it's time for me to kiss you throught the night
(and it feels so right, it feels so right)

No, no more pride (not at all)
No more hide (not at all)
No more sacrifice
it's time for you to be mine
(so kind, so fine)

There's no question about the future
(living right here, right now)
'cause when I am with you, babe
nothing else matters
as long as we are holding hands.

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